How Did The Oil Industry Change Post-Deepwater Horizon?

Back in the April of 2010, the world watched helplessly as one history’s worst ever environmental disasters took place. A lethal blowout on the Gulf of Mexico’s Macondo well resulted in the loss of 11 rig workers, and in millions of gallons of oil seeping out into the ocean. The impacts, not only on the […]

TriStone Holdings Talks – How Does The Refining Process Work?

A Picture Showing Oil Refining In Action.

Crude oil makes the world revolve, so the major O&G giants would have you believe. Whilst this may be something of a hyperbole, there’s no denying that it’s still the major driver of global energy, and equally, geopolitics. But the viscous black substance extracted from beneath the Earth’s surface is by no means the finished […]