AR for Worker Productivity

A picture of AR

Yes, it may seem like any form of extended reality (XR) is something out of a sci-fi novel or Tom Cruise film but it is truly something that can become part of a daily routine for many processes in the oil and gas industry. Augmented reality (AR) is the addition of technology to our existing […]

Blockchain Technology Within The Oil And Gas Industry

A link of chains to represent blockchain technology.

As a concept, blockchain can be hard to get your head around. Even for those people that truly consider themselves “geeks”, it can be a bit of a headscratcher. In layman’s term, though, this technology – initially created to prop up the (now astronomically successful) digital currency Bitcoin – is based on several key principles; […]

The Role That Offshore Rigs Can Play After Being Decommissioned

Coral to represent how abandoned offshore rigs can be used.

Everything comes to an end at one point or another, that’s just the way of life. Offshore oil platforms are no exception to this. Once they stop producing oil or gas on an economically viable level, they’re decommissioned. You’re then left with a big platform in the middle of the ocean. Typically, not much that […]

What Is OPEC And Why Does It Have Such Influence On Crude Prices?

An offshore oil platform to represent OPEC

For many of us, when we hear the word ‘cartel’ our minds instantly jump to illicit drug rings and smuggling. OPEC, however, is a cartel of a different kind. In fact, it’s the world’s biggest cartel, is entirely legitimate and exerts an extraordinary amount of power and influence on oil prices, globally. What is it? […]

Oil Prices Set To Recover In 2021

Oil Investment Comany

As an oil investment company, we believe that the oil and gas industry has seen both periods of immense success. This is as well as slumps that have shaken the sector’s very foundations. Perhaps, unsurprisingly, a global pandemic led, earlier this year, to something more closely approaching the latter. Back in March, monthly Brent performances […]

Training For The Future: Why It Pays To Train Better, Earlier…

Stack of books to represent the importance of training in the oil industry.

As much as this past year has been disuptive, it’s also provided the opportunity for oil players to step back. A chance to assess the way in which they approach operational performance. For several years, international operators have looked to streamline their processes and systems. Their attempts, however, have often been somewhat clunky and unfocused. […]

A Day In The Life Of A Roughneck – Looking At Life On An Onshore Rig

A pump to represent life on an onshore rig.

‘Roughneck’ is a term used colloquially to describe an oil rig worker. It can cover everything from drillers to derrickhands, from tool-pushers to pit watchers. Theirs is a way of life that has seen both marked change, over the decades, whilst at the same time retaining that central tenet of ‘hard graft’ that has for […]

Into Investment: What’s The Difference Between A Bull And Bear Market?

An image of a bull statue to represent bullish and bearish markets.

When working in both the oil and the investment industries, you’re met with something of a ‘perfect storm’ in terms of the sheer quantity of jargon you encounter. The terms ‘bullish’ and ‘bearish’ are investment terms that represent certain trader mind-sets. These are terms used universally within investment, and not just within the oil and […]

How Did The Oil Industry Change Post-Deepwater Horizon?

Back in the April of 2010, the world watched helplessly as one history’s worst ever environmental disasters took place. A lethal blowout on the Gulf of Mexico’s Macondo well resulted in the loss of 11 rig workers, and in millions of gallons of oil seeping out into the ocean. The impacts, not only on the […]

Viable Ways To Clean Up The Oil Drilling Process According To This UK Oil Company

Working to deliver innovative energy solutions is one of the fundamental drivers behind our mission here at TriStone Holdings. Part of that mission is to ensure more environmentally sustainable practices are introduced and adopted by the industry, wherever possible. In this blog, we will look at some of the more innovative ways in which oil […]