Construction & Development

In just five years, the United States has witnessed an energy revolution. Production of oil and gas is increasing, production prices are falling, oil prices climbing and entrepreneurs nationwide are finding newer and better ways to take advantage of this dynamic. We are just one such firm. TriStone Holdings is initiating carnivorous growth plans in order to capitalise on market opportunity, profits and in delivering unparalleled levels of stakeholder quality and service. 

In order to get ahead, it is crucial to understand the market position — so in order to identify opportunities to build scale, our Management teams need to understand their position in the market, and specifically whether they have the scale needed to keep costs down and remain competitive. As a business that needs to cultivate and work tirelessly to create deals, sensing the market is critical. The oil and gas investment sector is likely to be dynamic over the next few years, and the most promising segments in construction will shift as well. The ability to assess and accurately value potential targets faster than the competition will be paramount to our ongoing success. For example, some firms are considering buying operations and maintenance (O&M) companies as a means of stabilising their revenue. However, now that a few high-profile O&M deals have closed in the last several years, prices for those companies are significantly higher, skewing the potential advantages of such an acquisition.

The last — and most important — strategic priority for us as a firm is to continue to scrutinise costs. In our experience, many legacy monolithic firms still struggle to understand the importance of the cost issue. Executives who have worked in the industry for a long time may be too accustomed to the old ways. They need to recognise that technology is changing the design, procurement, and construction of projects to make processes more efficient and less expensive. Similarly, it may be hard for some leadership teams to assess the very real threat from new competition, be it from Asian players or nimble firms in developed markets that are adept at navigating today’s more challenging bidding procedures and risk-sharing arrangements. The leaders in the sector realise that the industry has dramatically changed — and thus requires corresponding changes in their organisations — so the better equipped we and our investment strategy are, the better we’re able to compete.

With that said, as a business we continue in our pursuit of knowledge, understanding and increasing globally diversified opportunities that tie in with our strict yet productive model. We seek to be transparent and equitable in our daily transactions with clients and associates alike, therefore we will scour the U.S markets for opportunities that have the potential to offer considerable upside over the medium term whilst locking in security and positive carry for the long term.

Here at TriStone, we’re moulded by our core principals and all of the hard work we tirelessly put in is for the benefits of the great number of stakeholders we cater for. We are here due to the continued support they give us and in turn, we undertake our daily work by aiming to deliver unrivalled levels of results.

”Our commitment to integrity, our commitment to diversity and inclusion, to respecting our teammates, associates, and stakeholders – that’s what makes this business work”.

For further information regarding our services and our investment portfolio please contact us and we shall be happy to oblige in assisting you further.