We want to be the best at what we do – everywhere we work. This starts with executing our activity safely. In every basin, we will aim to be the benchmark against the competition and to be the best – whether it be operating facilities reliably and cost-effectively, with a focus on, drilling wells, managing our reservoirs, exploring and building new projects.

Through the quality of our execution, scale, and infrastructure, we aim to be the low-cost developer and producer in each basin we work, and as a business, get more from a unit of capital than our competitors.

We want to grow – but not at any cost. We always look to grow returns and value. We believe this growth will come from many sources – production growth, expanding and managing our margins, operational efficiency, unit cost reduction, and capital efficiency with disciplined levels of capital reinvestment. We will manage our portfolio through a disciplined investment strategy, investing only in the world’s best oil and gas basins. Our investment portfolio will be complemented by advantaged assets – oil we can produce at a higher margin or at a lower cost, creating a portfolio that is resilient whatever the price environment.

We see scale and opportunity in many of the great basins in the U.S as a differentiator for our company, and believe in the strength of our incumbent positions. We are resilient and balanced – in terms of geography, hydrocarbon type and geology – and rather than being restricted by a traditional way of working, we have and will continue to use creative business models to generate value as an oil and gas investment company. We are also investing to modernise and transform the Upstream – embracing innovation, digitization and the adoption of big data, which we believe can drive a real step change in performance and efficiency. As a company, we’re constantly looking to pursue the latest digital trends in the oil and gas industry.

Upstream activities consist of but not limited to; Reserves and resources, exploration and evaluation, revenue recognition and disclosure of reserves and resources to name but a few.

For further information regarding our services please contact us and we shall be happy to oblige in assisting you further.