Our Story

TriStone Holdings Ltd is a UK limited company established in 2018 to act as a non-operating corporation focusing on upstream activities in the oil and gas industry. The company is affiliated with US oil and gas investment entities looking to acquire, develop and operate leases in prominent oil and gas fields in the USA.

The initial focus will primarily run from Texas through to Illinois, incorporating both Oklahoma and Kansas in our prospect acquisition.

The company will seek to acquire asset value through purchasing multiple leases and projects, which will include existing infrastructure and potential for further development while producing oil and gas for the purposes of generating working cash flow.

The team here has vast experience in the oil and gas sectors, in excess of 100+ years and have a long-standing relationship with its associated US partners, a team of operational and development engineers, geologists and oilmen with extensive knowledge and experience in the US and Asian upstream oil and gas industries. This team has developed and managed numerous projects throughout their professional lives in the U.S and China, including successfully growing a public traded energy company and selling it at a substantial profit.

The objective of the Company is to seek undervalued, high quality, high yielding assets primarily focusing on: leases, wells, infrastructure, and geological libraries in order to create a positive cash flow business model, ultimately benefitting the many stakeholders that we serve. The Company plans to capitalise on the ever-expanding demand from the world energy markets and profit from it by making timely and strategic acquisitions of carefully selected energy properties/assets that are not widely marketed, have lots of upside potential, and can be purchased significantly under the prevailing market prices and/or under their intrinsic market value. The Company’s strategy is to develop and grow these acquired properties by increasing its revenue and profitability, which will, in turn, increase its total asset value.

The Company’s business model is based on the investment strategy of buying energy properties/assets low and selling them high when market conditions and/or other factors make it possible, all the while profiting from their cash flow whilst holding them. There is an old saying in investing that goes like this: “You make your money when you buy, not when you sell.” The most important part of the Company’s business model is successfully executing the investment strategy of “buying at the right time and the right price”.

There are two key factors that will directly impact whether we sell or hold an acquired energy property/asset for the long term. The first factor is the cash flow being generated and the second factor is its current market value. As a property/asset grows in market value, we may elect to keep it for the long term based on its current cash flow or sell it in the short term based on its current market value and its intrinsic profit value to the Company and its stakeholders. Knowing when to buy, when to hold, and when to sell a property/asset will play a key part in our long-term success as an oil and gas investment company.

Prior to acquiring any lease or oil and gas properties, the company will evaluate each opportunity utilising its committee of finance professionals, geological studies, scientists and oil men taking into account: Location, local market dynamics, condition, depletion rate, and income potential so as to ensure it meets with our strict diagnostics in choosing the right property asset selection.​

For further information regarding our services and our investment strategy, please contact us and we shall be happy to oblige in assisting you further.

Invest with us and be part of our vision.