What Is A Non-Operator In A Joint Venture?

A picture depicting a corporate office. A non-operator often works in these spaces, rather than out in the field.

TriStone Holdings Ltd is a non-operator working within the oil and gas industry. But what does that actually mean? To the layperson, it has the potential to sound like a vague and ambiguous title. The kind of phrase that says a lot whilst actually saying very little. It’s another one of those terms that bogs […]

What Are The Differences Between WTI Crude And Brent Crude Oil?

A picture of oil barrels to depict the different types of crude.

In the world of crude oil, there are two globally accepted main players. WTI (West Texas Intermediate) Crude and Brent Crude oil. Over the years, these two oil types have influenced the world in more ways than we could even begin to list. In fact, crude oil is the world’s most traded commodity, with around […]