What Is OPEC And Why Does It Have Such Influence On Crude Prices?

An offshore oil platform to represent OPEC

For many of us, when we hear the word ‘cartel’ our minds instantly jump to illicit drug rings and smuggling. OPEC, however, is a cartel of a different kind. In fact, it’s the world’s biggest cartel, is entirely legitimate and exerts an extraordinary amount of power and influence on oil prices, globally. What is it? […]

Oil Prices Set To Recover In 2021

Oil Investment Comany

As an oil investment company, we believe that the oil and gas industry has seen both periods of immense success. This is as well as slumps that have shaken the sector’s very foundations. Perhaps, unsurprisingly, a global pandemic led, earlier this year, to something more closely approaching the latter. Back in March, monthly Brent performances […]

What Is A Petroleum Play?

Oil Investment Company

It’s time for another jargon-busting session, here at TriStone Holdings, and this week we’re looking at petroleum plays, often simply known as plays. Whatever commodity in which you’re looking to invest, it’s important that you’re as fully educated on its particularities, as possible. With oil? Well, it can be amongst the more intimidating assets for […]

Top Ten Interesting Products Made From Crude Oil

Oil investment companies

The chances are, whether you know it or not, you’ve used oil in your daily life, it’s almost impossible not to! If you don’t drive or use any form of public transport, then you might be scratching your head as to what we’re talking about, but the reality is that a huge number of products […]

The Art Of Discovery: How Are Upstream Sites Located?

A natural brook to represent the idea of 'upstream'.

We’re by nature creatures of curiosity, us humans. From modern medicines to the outer reaches of the universe, we’re pretty fond of the odd ‘discovery’ or two. When it comes to oil and gas, though, we’re all sometimes guilty of just assuming that it’s there for us to use – but how do we locate […]

An In-Depth Look At The Shale Revolution

A US flag to represent the country where the shale revolution took place.

Almost a decade ago now, the US underwent one of the history’s biggest ever energy revolutions. Commonly known as ‘The Shale Revolution’, it’s had an immense impact on global crude oil markets. But what happened and why has it had as large an impact as it has? Well, that’s exactly what the team here at […]

Versatile Beyond Belief: CO2 Storage In Depleted Oil Fields

Oil barrel to represent depleted oil fields and CO2 storage.

In recent times, there’s been an increasing drive from oil operators to tighten up their environmental efficiencies, where possible. Amongst the most nuanced advances made over the past couple of decades has been the revelation that abandoned (or depleting) oil fields can actually play their part in carbon storage, and in achieving a greener future. […]

What Would Each Candidate Mean For The Oil Industry?

At the time of writing, the result of the 2020 US Election is poised on a knife edge, with both Donald Trump and Joe Biden creeping towards that magical electoral college state vote figure of 270. The race run has been much closer than any were expecting, and whilst the finalised results may still be […]

Training For The Future: Why It Pays To Train Better, Earlier…

Stack of books to represent the importance of training in the oil industry.

As much as this past year has been disuptive, it’s also provided the opportunity for oil players to step back. A chance to assess the way in which they approach operational performance. For several years, international operators have looked to streamline their processes and systems. Their attempts, however, have often been somewhat clunky and unfocused. […]