The Role Of Water Within The Oil & Gas Industry

Water plays an important part within the oil and gas industry.

Water. It’s essential to life as we know it and forms the major component of both the human body and the globe. Without it, we wouldn’t exist, and thanks to it we’re able to do incredible, innovative things. Water has also always played an important role within the oil and gas industry. The team here […]

What Is A “Christmas Tree” In The Oil & Gas Industry?

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We’ve written several pieces before, here at TriStone Holdings Ltd, that bust some of the jargon prevalent within the oil and gas industry. From the differences between upstream, midstream and downstream to the comparison of conventional and unconventional drilling, we’ve done our best to add clarity to what can be a very confusing sector. With […]

Getting To Grips With The Oil Drilling Process

There are certain things we take for granted in life without ever stopping to wonder about how they actually work. Oil drilling is one such process. We just assume there to be fuel as and when we need it. We’d wager that few people have ever taken stock about how oil is welled, at least not in any kind of depth.