The Transportation Behind The Industry: How Crude Oil Is Moved Around The World

An oil tanker on the ocean.

It’s one thing to extract crude oil from the ground, but it’s quite another to then get it to where it needs to end up, whether that be a refinery or downstream operators. The sheer scale of the logistical infrastructure that goes into the transport of crude oil, globally, is immense. There are various ways […]

TriStone Talks: A Comparison Between Crude Oil And Natural Gas

An image depicting a fuel refinery for TriStone Holdings' comparison of fuels.

Two of the most common energy commodities, globally, are crude oil and natural gas. In fact, according to the International Energy Agency’s (IEA) 2020 report, in 2018, oil accounted for 31.5% of global primary energy supply, with natural gas making up 22.8%. This means that, respectively, oil and natural gas make up the largest and […]

What Is The Difference Between Conventional And Unconventional Oil?

A picture depicting conventional oil being welled.

As we’ve seen in our previous blogs, the oil industry has its fair share of rhetoric and jargon. ‘Upstream’, ‘BOEPD’ and ‘Christmas Tree’ are all terms which wouldn’t necessarily have your mind instantly jumping to ‘oil’, and yet there we are! One of the other word pairings most commonly used throughout the O&G sector is […]